The #k@ Directory

The following gives a brief summary of every file and directory that you will immediately find in the hashkat directory.


Contains the files and folders created in the building of #k@.


Script that builds and runs #k@.

./build.sh -O

The command ./build.sh is followed by 'space dash capital oh'.


File required to run CMake with the build of #k@.


Contains the GNU General Public License, Version 3, 29 June, 2007.


File created when running a network simulation. Details the simulated time that has elapsed in minutes, the real time that has passed in seconds, the number of agents present, the number of 'follows', 'tweets', 'retweets', and 'unfollows' that have occurred and the cumulative rate function at various points in the simulation.


Contains defaults for all the parameters configured in INFILE.yaml. If any of these variables are not configured in INFILE.yaml, then the default value assigned to them in this file will be used.


Contains the pages and images used in the #k@ documentation.

Contains ~/hashkat/docs/tutorial_input_files where one can find the network configuration files (the INFILE.yaml files) that were used in the tutorials.


Contains network graph created by running visualize.py.


Generates input parameters from INFILE.yaml and transfers them to INFILE.yaml-generated, which is used in the running of #k@.


Input file where configurations are made to create the network simulation of your design.


File generated when run.sh is run. Used in the running of network simulations, it contains all the parameters and their respective configurations made in INFILE.yaml.


Contains instructions on how to install #k@ on Mac OS X and Linux.


File used in the running of Interactive Mode in #k@.


File used to organize the documentation of #k@.


Save file in which your network simulation information will be saved, if 'save_network_on_timeout' is enabled. If 'load_network_on_startup' and 'save_network_on_timeout' are enabled in INFILE.yaml and the simulation is paused midway through, the simulation will look for this file on re-start to load the existing network information.


Directory which contains all the analysis files created from running a network simulation.


Summary of what can be found in the hashkat directory.


Script that runs the #k@ program. With this file and an INFILE.yaml file present in the current directory, type in the following command to run a #k@ simulation:



Contains several scripts used in the running of #k@.


Contains the #k@ source code.


Contains several basic tests used in the development of #k@. Its subdirectory referencefiles contains the various input files that are tested when running tests.sh.


Script that runs verify.py on every single reference network simulation in tests/referencefiles. Used in the development of #k@ to confirm if any changes made to the source code did or did not affect the output of a network simulation.


Script run in tests.sh to compare the output data from a network simulation to data expected. If there is discrepancy between an output file and its reference, the file name is printed to the screen. Used in the development of #k@ to confirm if any changes made to the source code did or did not affect the output of a network simulation.


Script that creates graph.svg, which contains a plot of the network created by running #k@.


Contains files necessary to remove all 'PyYaml' and 'SciPy' requirements when building #k@.